Michelle Pressler

michelle pressler.jpg

Michelle's fascination with faceted stones began as a child, when she discovered mica in the dirt of the playground, and from there, she began collecting rocks and minerals. after working in the fashion industry as a designer and illustrator, she began sewing tiny faceted beads into handmade greeting cards, and book covers. This drew her attention back to the stones, which led to 7 years of working with a leading jewelry manufacturer, where she learned the ropes of the jewelry industry. Michelle Pressler Jewelry was launched in 2002.

Michelle takers her inspiration from classical details, nature, and modern design. Working with high quality hand cut stones, sterling silver and gold fill, Michelle aims to create pieces that balance rich detail with modern simplicity, in harmonious colors. The collection, which includes Bridal, is available in over 100 fine boutiques, such as Ziabird and galleries nationwide.