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Melissa Rovner of Blessings in Disguise

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The founder and lead designer behind Blessings In Disguise is Melissa Rovner, an accomplished and renowned jewelry artist. Her designs are sold under many recognized national brands, multiple jewelry lines, and countless private labels. Melissa has a passion for "treasured and meaningful objects". She explores the world to find symbolic antiquities, authentic relics, religious medals, and "good luck" findings.  Each component is fused into her captivating designs. She believes her pieces merge historical & cultural symbolism into cherished jewelry. 

Ann Lightfoot

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Every Ann Lightfoot piece is inspired by raw and delicate natural materials and is born from a devotion to design, beauty and elegance.  Each piece is resolutely handmade and deeply individual. Ann’s jewelry reflects her interest in other cultures and her time living and working abroad. She has travelled throughout Southeast Asia and her first jewelry designs were created from materials found in a Shanghai antique market.  She continues to use fine materials from Asia, South America and Africa in her work.

Stacey G Jewelry

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Based out of Laguna Beach, California, Stacey G Jewelry is the perfect blend of bohemian and beachy, easy and cool, as well as luxurious and decadent.  Stacey G Jewelry consists of gemstones, leather, and silk, inspired by the perfect imperfections of the sea and nature. Designer, Stacey, started the brand back in 2006, and quickly gained popularity around the world. Now with daughter Chelsea, the two are working hand-in-hand to build their dream together; creating a brand that embodies their loving, small-town vibes. 

Christy Lea Payne

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What do you get when you mix gold, sterling silver, bronze and semi-precious stones with a twist of elegance, a touch of edge and a hint of imperfection? CLP Jewelry. Inspired by her travels and the imperfections of everyday life, Christy Lea Payne has honed her design and metalwork skills to create rustic, well-worn designs in all shapes and colors.  Each piece screams sophisticated simplicity. When she is not busy designing, you can find Christy traveling and soaking up everything that her home state of Colorado has to offer.

Regina Dabdab

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Regina Dabdab is a Brazilian designer based in Paris. Dabdab is influenced by Amazonian flora and fauna, concrete architecture in Latin America, and museum aesthetics. She uses materials such as semi-precious stones and minerals from Latin America, drift wood from Corsica, corals from Indonesia, and many other natural materials. Every element of her jewelry is unique, delicately studied, and selected and manipulated with accuracy by colors, textures and shapes. It is all handmade in her stylish workshop in Paris.