Marie Eiffel

Marie Eiffel adores her life and loves people. She spends a lot of time with her customers and listens carefully to their needs. Marie opened her first store seven years ago. Very quickly people recognized her talent for choosing unique items from around the world. Ask her customers and they will tell you, “Marie Eiffel has a great eye! Everything I buy in her shop I wear all the time.” Four years ago, Marie started a summer line for the beach, combining comfort with style.

She likes to create simple things that you can wear over and over again, “You just put it on, no need to look at yourself in the mirror! It just looks great!” Marie has her clothes made in India as everything there is made by hand and the fabrics are beautiful. She visits all the factories she works with to be certain that no slaves are working there. As well, Marie encourages people to think about the products they buy here, in the U.S. If the price is too low ask yourself, “Who, on the other side of the world, is paying with their life.”