Make your wardrobe sing!



An Adventure. Getting lost in the streets of your favorite island. The warm
summer breeze. Sitting on the beach daydreaming. Listening to Bosa Nova
while watching the sunset.

The brand is designed for the free spirit, bohemian and romantic woman
who wants her wardrobe to reflect her unique eclectic style. Offering a range
of lifestyle products, from beach/resort wear, footwear, bags and other

Known for their signature cover ups and dresses with colorful floral prints, rich
embroideries, pom poms and tassels. All the details that make the Z&L
Europe woman feel beautiful.

Because life is beautiful.

Viviana Uchitel


“To create, to experiment, to search for unusual materials, to investigate forms, to abandon preconceived ideas about what clothes should look like… I have always used different, unexpected materials, such as rubber threads, metal pieces found in old hardware stores or resin stones, guided, by the idea of combining new textures on the same color. I guess, deep inside, I was trying to weave, dye or sow seeking for an unknown end, while understanding that what matters is the beauty of the trip itself, the search. By the end, the finished garment is no longer mine but for whoever will wear it in the future.”

VIVIANA UCHITEL (Buenos Aires, 1958) was raised among painting, theatre, sculpture and dyeing lessons in an intellectual family, typical of the Argentine golden 1960s. ”My mother was in love with art and beauty, a passion that would extend to paintings, books, and -naturally- to lovely clothes and design: not luxury, but beauty. A passion that she would later transmit to her children“. It is not unusual then, that by the age of six, Uchitel had already begun her long artistic education. First, at the Escolinha de arte, later at the Instituto de arte Lalbardén and at the Fine Arts School while at the same time taking painting lessons under Noé Nojechowicz and María Luisa Manassero, sculpture lessons under Antonio Pujía and dyeing techniques under Tana Sachs.









Love Tanjane


LOVE: as in sexy, irresistible, like chocolate.

TAN: as the body in the sun, an elemental sensation.

JANE: as in Tarzan, embodying the essence of woman, connected with nature.

LOVE TANJANE is an entirely feminine collection created by designer Sonia Erneux.

Sonia grew up in Brussels, Belgium. Sonia moved to NYC then LA then Ojai...

The line has a European sexiness infused with the essence of California ease.

LOVE TANJANE is a reflection of the designer's sensual connection with OJAI, California landscape and lifestyle and is based on the needed essentials of a woman's wardrobe. The natural fabrics are hand treated with low impact dyes.

With its easy styling and sexy comfort, LOVE TANJANE has a loyal following among Hollywood celebrities including Kate Hudson, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Jennifer Lopez, Tori Spelling, Amanda Bynes, Gwen Stefani, Nicole Richie.

The LOVE TANJANE collection constantly evolves - a living wardrobe that is never indulgent but somehow decadent, that makes a woman feel good in her skin and comfortable with her body.

Like basking in the sun, feeling the earth underfoot.

Alive. Essential.

LOVE TANJANE is produced and hand dyed in OJAI California.

Louise Misha


We are 2 friends, and it is while we were on a trip in India that we decided to create our brand Louise Misha.

Because we are both really close to our family, the label's name itself comes from a dear grandmother called 'Louise' and a beloved mother nicknamed 'Misha'.

Our universe is all about bohemian style , nostalgia and softness.


Inspired by our travels and vintage details our first collection was launched in Winter 2012 and was exclusively composed of jewelry for little girls.

Little by little Louise Misha has grown to become a full line of ready to wear, jewelry and accessories for little girls.

Then in 2014, the Women collection was born, which became a full line in the Summer 2016.


In Winter 2017, the Baby line will join the collection, with clothes starting at 3 months and baby accessories.



Vintage-inspired embroideries lend a playful detail to the JWLA collection. This range of separates in knits, linens, and velvets embodies the casual California style.

Explore our collection of the newest JWLA tops and coats at JohnnyWas.com. The JWLA collection feminizes classic American staples and t-shirts by adding one of a kind embroidery details, vibrant colors and luxurious materials. Find velvet tops, velvet shirts, tunics, poncho coats and more in the JWLA Fall Collection.



When Etti Zayeg and Merav Hadari first met, it was obvious something special was about to happen. Their common love for fashion and style brought to life Gallabia – a lifestyle brand that incorporates fashion with sport, yoga, travel and culture.

After years of travelling across the world and exploring fashion from various cultures, we have come to the conclusion that comfort and color are the two most important aspects of fashion. It is a known fact that colors can change the way we feel and have a tremendous effect on our self-esteem; and once you combine the right colors with the right outfit – you’re no longer shopping for clothes, but for a great experience.

Having realized that, we developed a unique color scheme especially for our brand. Our colors, textures and effortless forms make for a one-of-a-kind adventure. The brand reveals diverse pieces, from effortless caftans and casual shirts to evening dresses and hand-crafted jewelry. The brand combines timeless ethnic styles with urban styles that suit women of all ages. Our signature item is the caftan, which we took from its original form and turned into an urban, timeless piece.

Since launching its first store, Gallabia has grown from a small boutique brand to a luxury brand with many devoted followers.

Emerson Fry


Emerson Fry believes in the beauty of the individual.  It is our intention to create beautiful, strong, functional pieces that enhance enjoyment of life.

We are a small independent family owned business. We focus on limited production runs each week of new and existing products.

Our line is produced domestically alongside smaller capsule collections using heritage techniques from carefully selected spots around the world. Our goal is to create jobs and support positive social, cultural and environmental shifts.

De Palma Leather


Bryan started working with leather in 2003, after being inspired to make a hand sewn bag for his then-girlfriend. The initial design led to wallets, belts & a variety of bags, which he began to sell at craft fairs in New York City. While living in N.Y., Bryan's leatherwork gained a following, spanning from the east village to the upper west side. In 2006, after launching the first DE PALMA collection, the line was carried by United Arrows in Tokyo, Japan. Since then, DE PALMA's following has grown to include many stores in Japan and across the U.S. alike.

Bryan's grandparents hailed from southern Italy & his grandmother worked as head seamstress in New York's garment industry upon arriving in the U.S. The DE PALMA brand was named after Bryan's mom... Palma. In the early 1970s she made herself leather bags & a belt for Bryan's father before they got married. The few pieces she made are still worn by his family members today.

Having grown up next to the ocean, Bryan spent time as a kid working on tuna boats & summers working in the fishing industry in Alaska. Bryan is self-taught & his inspiration comes from vintage leatherwork & sea life. Each piece combines traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design.

Most everything is cut, sewn & assembled by hand in California; the hum of a machine in the DE PALMA studio is heard on only the rarest of occasions. The designs are simple, classic & made to be enjoyed for generations. We mark each piece by hand in a subtle way (so there's no label showing). You can spot a piece by DE PALMA by look & quality alone.

David Albow


A seasonless ready-to-wear collection who speaks from freedom of spirit and celebration of expression. Inspired by everyday adventures, women who travel or dream about traveling around the globe. The collection is timeless, feminine with a touch of modern bohemian spirit. Expressed by relaxed silhouettes, high quality craftsmanship and exotic vibrant artwork from the global tapestry with the most sustainable way. 

"....The magic is in creating an organically unique product that allows the individualized personality to shine through"

David Albow



Banago has made its mark and has quickly become a favorite amongst the globe trotting fashion industry and has expanded its retail outlets to over 500 doors across the United States and Asia with big name retailers as Jcrew, Anthropologie, Wynn Hotel resorts, Trina Turk, Beams Japan, Nordstroms just to name a few and brand collaborations with Tommy Bahama and TOMS. With its success Banago has been able to expand its production network to over 400 women artisans and plans to expand its product ranges to support more artisan communities in the different regions of the Philippines.

On November 8 of 2013 Banago’s entire production infrastructure and the homes of its artisans and the founders homes were completely destroyed by the biggest typhoon ever recorded in history Typhoon Haiyan, locally know in the Philippines as Yolanda. Since then it has been Banago’s mission to restore the homes and lives of the Banago network and its women. Support BANAGO by purchasing products here on this site and help expand livelihood opportunities for the survivors and victims of Typhoon Haiyan.

Anouk Grewal


From the drumbeats of Africa to the shores of Ibiza mixed with heady vibrance of Brazil...a label called "Anouk Grewal" was created.

Freedom, sensuality, elevation of colors, embodied with the intricacies of Indian artisans makes this label one of a kind.

From the beach to sunset cocktails, styles that are versatile and easy to wear.

Ace & Jig

Lynn ManockComment

ace&jig is a textile love story. in 2009, we set out to create a seasonless women’s collection from one fabrication: our own yarn-dye, woven fabric. we wanted to create timeless garments from our own textile designs, as interesting in texture as in color and pattern. effortless clothing that could be worn in many ways, for many years. 

     we are constantly inspired by our own ever-growing textile collections. at the start of each new season, we sit down with our most exciting finds—from the feedsack bags of antique french linens to japanese boro quilts—and begin to create our own woven story.

     our search for the ideal manufacturer led us to India, where we found experienced textile specialists weaving on anient wooden hand looms. several times a year we travel there and work one-on-one with weavers to create our authentic fabrics. our indian partners share our core values and practice the holistic kaizen philosophy of continuing to improve. not only do they provide free childcare, but they also use reclaimed water to grown organic produce for their employees.

      our colors and silhouettes shift, but each collection is anchored by the stripe. we believe yarn-dye stripes, whether created by alternating textures or through pops of saturated color, are an iconic and timeless medium, and an endless source for reinvention.

ace&jig is based in brooklyn, new york, and portland, oregon, and is composed of cary vaughan and jenna wilson, who met more than ten years ago as fashion design interns and instantly bonded over their shared loved of antique textiles.  after cary gave birth to daughter alice and jenna had her son james, they felt the time had come to collaborate again. thus, ace&jig was born.


Sara Roka

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Some of the greatest moments in feminine fashion and style history happened when women borrowed items from the wardrobe of their significant others. Sara Roka took up the challenge to transform the traditional man’s shirt into a fresh, feminine and modern must-have, while retaining the quality, comfort and finishing of the original. The luxurious cotton fabrics available in Italy, such as poplin and oxford, the wonderful trims and details, and exceptional craftsmanship naturally led Sara to creatively design a collection consisting of innovative and sexy blouses, dresses, and tops, while maintaining the essence of the timeless men’s classic shirt.


Clothing DesignersLynn ManockComment

“I design for women who are individuals, women with personal styles that exude confidence wherever they go”, says Romina.  “The Skemo woman loves the colors of the ocean, the sparkle of sand, and finds true beauty in natural elements like shells, crystals and even wood. But make no mistake about it, as much as she is a natural beauty, she still loves looking and feeling sexy in everything she wears”.

Alashan Cashmere

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Alashan Cashmere Company was founded in early 2004 by Donald Fox. Donald had spent the prior 11 years at one of the most respected cashmere groups in the world - Forte Cashmere Company. With skills and knowledge gained from trading in cashmere raw materials and finished product, it was an easy decision to start Alashan Cashmere Company when Forte Cashmere closed its doors in 2004. The name Alashan refers to an area of western Inner Mongolia Province, China. The Alashan region, through a combination of climactic, geographic and dietary conditions, is the literal home to the world's finest cashmere and camel hair. 

Amaya Textiles

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Founder Pam Schaecher has a passion for fine fabrics. She launched Amaya® after 35 years of living, working, traveling and raising a family abroad. It was during her travels throughout Europe and beyond that she developed an appreciation for exquisite textiles and the cultural impact materials have on the fashion industry. Inspired by the vibrant and intricate designs of saris and shawls she experienced while attending traditional Indian weddings, Pam created Amaya® to present this extraordinary artistry in fashion to North America and Europe.  


Clothing DesignersZiabirdComment

Diana and Julien, a husband and wife team are behind – b l ^ n k – She trained at the Royal College of Art and him – originally an architect – have evolved the company from a small accessories label to the widely stocked luxe brand it has now become. Delicately crafted accessories, exquisite party wear and crafted complementary daywear pieces all subtly displays the – b l ^ n k – "dreamscape".

Calypso St. Barth

Clothing DesignersZiabirdComment

Calypso St. Barth launched in 1992. Inspired by travel, culture & the arts, the brand reveals unique & feminine pieces, which women of every age have come to love. From exotic dip dyed caftans to luxurious cashmere cardigans, the brand’s apparel and accessories are designed for women to endlessly mix and match into countless combinations of effortless elegance.