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Claire Jacobs' Fall Collection

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Designed by artist Claire Jacobs, Emily Claire jewelry is known for superb quality and elegant design. Drawing inspiration from historical jewelry as well as modern design, every piece of jewelry starts with a hand sketch by Claire. From there, the jewelry is carefully hand fabricated in her Raleigh, NC studio using sterling silver, 18/22K gold, and semi-precious/precious stones.

"It feels more freeing in the studio. Rather than making every little shape exact and perfect, I get to embrace the variations that happen when creating and celebrate that in the work.

I also really like the aesthetic. I love organic looking jewelry with more texture and flow. It feels more spontaneous and you really see the artist's hand.

Lastly, I sketch my jewelry before I make it. It's always loose and gestural. Many times I end up liking the drawing better than the finished jewelry. So, I wanted to see how I could loosen up the jewelry forms and echo the qualities I was responding to in the drawings in the metal itself." Claire Jacobs


Crazy for Kimonos

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Designer Angie Johnson has worked in the fashion industry since she was 16, starting her first indie line in 1996 (rave wear...for real). Since then she's never stopped, having worked for both large and small companies since 1998. Tackling styling, merchandising, photography, graphic design and retail over the years has kept her busy, however Norwegian Wood has been her main focus since 2008. 

Angie rejects the concept of disposable trends. Instead, she designs pieces for people who curate their own personal aesthetic. Many of her kimonos are inspired by unique paintings from late artists whose pieces are featured in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. The museum had been completely renovated in 2013, and as part of the revamp, also digitized a large part of their collection and created a website where the images are available for public use. She took advantage of this opportunity by making beautiful and unique kimonos. 

Welcome To Our New Website!

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Here you will find images of new arrivals, details for upcoming events, information about our designers and more. We launch this site in conjunction with the first of May, the time for all things blooming. As we enter our sixth year of business, Ziabird, too, is blossoming. The store is bursting with color and fresh designers. 

Also, we are celebrating the release of the highly anticipated Scout Guide.


Yes, we've been Scouted! thescoutguide.com. We're flattered to be chosen and will do our best to live up to the reputation.

Swing by this weekend and say hello. 

As a perk, we're having a spring sweater sale!

Ace & Jig Come to Ziabird

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Ace & Jig... a textile love story

A search for the ideal manufacturer led ace & jig designers to India, where they found experienced textile specialists who work on ancient wooden hand looms. 

The weaving process begins with raw hanks of natural fiber and 
they work with a hand dyer, who is something of a magician. He mixes all of the colors by eye, then checks the shade with a dab of color on the stone wall next to him. he always hits the shade the first time. the yarns are then dried in the sun and hand-spun into skeins using an apparatus recycled out of an old bicycle. the pirns are wrapped and inserted into the shuttles, ready to start the weft.

Ace & Jig love to incorporate intricate textures and patterns and are always breaking the rules. they often create doublecloths: two cloths woven at the same time and connected together during the weaving process. 

as the cloth begins to take shape, they make a million changes and start the process all over again! Come in to Ziabird to see the beautiful detail in person.